i saw one little girl crossing the road,
i take her little hand and help her crossing safely,
after crossing she stop and pull me down,
she said:
abang,terima kasih.
bila saya besar nanti,saya akan belanja abang aiskrim.

i said:
sama-sama adik.
abang tunggu tau.

this was happen on 2000 if i'm not mistaken,when i'm 12.
and this year,2010 i saw that little girl again.
she's grown up well with her white dress.
she calling me to cross the road with her.

the same road,the same date,the same girl.
what a dream.
what a tragic when i heard she passed away two days after i met her.
she had a bad cancer.
i'm sorry girl,i couldn't help you anymore.
i'll always pray for you.

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