Its You Baby

One month plus to go.
Counting days for our next dating.
Missing you badly.
Cant hide my feelings right now.
What can in do.
Sitting Waiting Counting Grrrrrr.
Its Board Baby.
I wish You were here.
Sitting next to me .
Hear every single story you mumbling.
Giving you jokes all the seconds.
Smiling at your laugh that i adored.
Read a bedtime story for you night dreams.
Snapping your candid action.
Bite your little finger untill you yelling at me 'ouch,its hurt oke!' :)
I miss you very very the much sayang!
Do you know how fast my heart beating rite now.
Do you hear what my heart says when your name accross my head.
Ohhhh Gosshhhh!
I swear i swear.
I miss you!

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