sweet day to be remember.
'merisik' my girlfriend to be my fiance.
she did not reject me and she dont even accept me.
but she said:

insyaallah with god willing we'll be together soon.
but not now.
i've to complete my life with some academics,
great jobs,
stability on money making.
i also had previous 'merisik' from my cousin.
but then i'm rejected both of you.
just let the time judge everything.
if i'm with u its ok,
with him also ok.
three of us just have to go on with our own life,
just see what gonna happen next.
i hope both of you will not just waiting for me.
catch whatever you guys want.
insyaallah with god willing,
we will see who is our JODOH.
who knows,
i'm not for both of you,
there is a possibility rite.

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